What Should You Know before Painting Outdoor Sketches

It is impossible to create a painting that is more challenging than an outdoor sketch. It is possible that the unstable weather will not allow you to complete your work immediately. To paint color sketches takes a long time. So you can take them to your studio as a reference and create based on these. The charm of landscape paintings is to immerse yourself in nature, feel it, and then express what you see thetingology.com/%E9%85%92%E7%B2%BE%E5%A2%A8%E6%B0%B4%E8%AA%B2%E7%A8%8B.

The best outdoor medium is oil paint. Use small canvases or palettes to cover quickly with paint. Small color sketches, made prior to creation, are usually painted on paper or cardboard. The two substrates mentioned above are ideal for creating color sketches. It is also possible to buy inexpensive special painting sketch papers. This type of sketch paper is not liked by all artists because the surface can be sticky. However, others find it very useful.

Outdoor painting is still affected by objective factors. Artists have suffered sunburns, bug bites, strong winds and rain. You can use insect repellents in summer and sunshade caps in winter. It is important to have a rain umbrella ready at all times, so that your hard work does not get ruined by a single bad day. It is important to make these preparations, since if your body feels uncomfortable while painting, you will have a difficult time.

In part, this is because most artists think that the scenery will be easier to create than portraits or structures. Even if you don’t need to match the mountains and the objects in your painting, it is still important to use careful observation. Moving an object from side to side is acceptable for the composition. You can change an object’s shape arbitrarily. However, this will make it difficult to maintain its characteristics and lose the sketch’s meaning.

If you don’t have an idea of how the picture will look, it is best to start over. You can then establish the relation between all the parts. Don’t forget, landscape paintings are a form of perspective. For example, fences, fields, and rivers. This kind of object, and its proportion are important for painting. In painting simple scenery, these requirements are much more exact. It is surprising to find that your eye perceives the middle large lake as a narrow stripe. At this stage, if you are just starting out you might still need to make measurements using the real reference. Grab a pencil, brush pen and poison the barrel of it with your thumb. By doing this, you will be able to measure both the length and width of an object. You can also use visual inspection to determine the proportions.

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