Unveiling Oshu oils: Nature’s gift for your wellbeing

Origins & Extraction

Oshu oils take their name from the landscapes that are known for their diverse flora. These oils, which are extracted with meticulous processes, capture the essences from plants such as eucalyptus trees, lavender, and tea trees. These extraction methods often involve steam distillation or a cold pressing process. This ensures that the oils retain their natural properties and deliver a potent, unadulterated essential oils.

Therapeutic Properties

Oshu oil’s therapeutic ability is one of its most attractive features. Each oil is bursting with therapeutic properties that have the potential to positively impact your mental, physical and emotional health. Lavender has a calming effect that makes it a great choice for stress management and sleep. Eucalyptus oil, with its invigorating odor, is highly valued as a respiratory aid. Tea tree is used to treat skin problems and for hair care.


Oshu Oils are the perfect partner for Aromatherapy. The practice of using aroma compounds therapeutically is known as Aromatherapy. When these oils are diffused or applied to the skin, they release scents which can lift spirits, increase focus, and create soothing environments. Oshu essential oils can enhance your emotional and mental well-being by incorporating them into your daily rituals through diffusers.


Oshu essential oils have made an impact in the field of skincare and cosmetics. These oils are excellent for skincare because they have natural and nourishing qualities. Oshu oils provide a natural, alternative to commercial products. They moisturize the skin, fight acne and promote a healthy complexion. Once diluted, the oils can be directly applied to your skin or included in DIY face creams and serums.